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Founded in 2004, ACS Marketing provides a unique perspective and understanding of how to do business with our retailing partners Our experience and expertise will navigate you through the process of preparing your company and product for a successful presentation with any of the retailing channels. We take great pride in our commitment to providing exceptional service through our professional sales and support team. We are dedicated to bridging the sales process from design and manufacturing to the consumer level with retailing companies in the United States and six other countries. ACS Marketing has the experience and ability to assist with building relationships between you and the retailer. We will prepare and guide you through the rigorous process of getting your product retail-ready:

• Product Design & Development
• Packaging
• Market Research & Analysis
• Presentation Preparation
• Negotiations
• Product Review Preparation
• On-air Support & Training
• Forecasting – Scheduling
• Vendor Compliance/Terms & Conditions
• Quality Materials
• Networking
• Receive & Proof Orders
• Shipping Reports
• Daily Problem Solving
• Historical Data Maintenance

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